77th Paul Bunyan Grand Parade

"Families of the Forest"


If you wish to be staged with another entry (i.e. you are riding in another’s vehicle) we need to know this at the time of application.  We cannot guarantee entries will be staged together unless we receive the information in advance.  Unless you are contacted by the Parade Chair, your parade entry is accepted and you will be included in the line-up. If you wish to withdraw from the parade, please email the

Parade Chair at forestfestivalparade@gmail.com.

  • Any entry requiring a “scooper” must do a thorough clean up along the parade route.

  • All entries must submit proof of liability insurance with the application.

  • Car clubs may enter as a group and provide the clubs blanket insurance.

  • Community units (i.e. Boy/Girl Scouts, bands, dance groups, etc.)

  • must provide a copy of a liability policy that covers the members of the entry.

  • All motorized units must carry a regulation fire extinguisher.

  • Groups may hand out candy, etc. along the parade route – but it may not be thrown from your unit on to the street or to the spectators.

  • Passengers, including those riding on floats, on trailers or in truck beds must have and use the required seatbelts, safety harnesses or handholds.

  • Commercial entries (i.e. it advertises your business) must pay a $50 entry fee

  • There is no fee if you are a Festival sponsor.

  • Candidates running for public office must pay a $100 entry fee. Officials currently holding a public office and seeking re-election, are a candidate.

  • Entries are encouraged to be decorated using the annual theme, including music and animation.

  • Visiting festivals are encouraged to incorporate this festival’s theme into

  • their entry.

  • Entries will be staged along Railroad Ave. from 7th to 12th and along the side streets. Float drivers may unload on Railroad and then move the towing vehicles to Franklin near Loop Field.

  • Unit numbers and staging information will be available at the Parade Check-In located at 7th & Railroad. Check-in will be open at 7:30AM

  • All units need to be checked in by 9:30AM and at your staging area.  This is imperative so the parade organizers can identify any missing or out of place units prior to the beginning of the parade.

  • Pre-judging begins at 9:45AM. Pre-judging includes floats, classic cars, and commercial & community entries.

  • Units judged on the parade route are marching units, dance units, bands, drill, flag, equestrian and others that include a performance. The judges will be located at the announcers booth at 5 th and Railroad.

  • Units not included in pre-judging may line up at anytime, but need to be in the staging area not later than 10:30AM.

  • Parades occur rain or shine, so be sure to dress for the weather.